Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ciara's card 09

I found 17 a hard age to do a birthday card for, can't go too kiddy and they're still a year away from official adultdom so I decided to do something that was more grown up but still young & cool. I used different types of metallic and handmade papers and based the design on an illustration by Kirsten Ulve (who I've been meaning to post about for ages)

3D card

This is the card I did for my lil sis's 16th. I'd seen this style done a few times and thought it looked really cool so decided to give it a go. I made all the bits and then lit it and photographed it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Did a screenprint weekend a while ago so decided to do a Sanna Annukka inspired owl for my mammy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Uchoose characters

These are characters I designed for an online price comparison site Uchoose. The idea is that they are your own personal shoppers for each section on the site with their own personality suited to the area they specialise in. These were quite fun to do as I based some of them on film characters or celebrities, like the slick sales guy (3rd from left) is based on Christian Bale from American Psycho and the travelling thrill seeker (2nd last) is a mix between Matthew McConnaughey and Owen Wilson!


My friend commissioned me to do a drawing of her new nephew and his dad as a present from her for his christening. Probably the best drawing I ever drawed!

Good Luck!

My sister went teaching in Uganda for 6 weeks last summer. This was her Good Luck card, more of a papercut collage than a straight up papercut but it's another nice way of working.


This is a commission I did for a friend of mine of their dog. I did the drawing in 3 stages over the course of 3 evenings, I usually start with the eyes and work out from there. This is after the second evening but I actually like it more than the finished version.


A card for my friend & flatmate Emma's birthday. (See a theme developing here?! I like to use birthday cards as a way to explore a new idea cos they force me to finish them in time!) Inspired by ET & the fact that Emma is a big bikehead! (That's our house down below!)

Dad's Card

This is a card I did for my dad's birthday. He likes gardening. I also wanted to practice more overlapping and interconnecting elements cos I think the real beauty of papercuts is the intricacy between the positive and negative areas.

My First Papercut

This is the first papercut I did as an invitation for my mam's 50th. I had been a fan of Rob Ryan's style for a while so decided to give it a try, how hard could it be? ....very!


This is a papercut I did for my friend Dorothee's birthday and was heavily influenced by Elsita's series of papercuts called Old Soul Girls except with the Wizard of Oz contained in Dorothee's dress. I had originally planned to have loads more characters & scenes from Oz but it would have made the piece too large so I just stuck to the main characters & the Emerald City.


Spent the last couple of days hanging frames and getting everything ready for the Storytelling exhibition in ThisIsNotAShop. Everything's looking good, can't wait for the grand opening extravaganza tomorrow!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


this is my last minute attempt at a blog so I can have something to link to from the Tinderbox Storytelling exhibition.
I'll put some stuff up in a min...