Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Some Blind Alleys

I recently won a competition to design a banner and a few other buttons for Some Blind Alleys, an online journal of contemporary Irish writing and visual art. I wanted to create something clean, impactful & colourful and I wanted to keep it typographic, as the blog is the meeting point of writing and visual art, so the type becomes the image. I added the texture of paper in the background to give it a more tactile feel as if the shapes had been overprinted, allowing the colours to overlap. Simplifying the letterforms to their basic geometric shapes has been done countless times going back as far as the Bauhaus & probably even before that, and the resurgence of '80's fashion and design has seen these sort of typefaces become popular again with designers like Hort and Non-Format, so I'd been looking for an opportunity to have a go at something like this.


  1. Thanks densey! I would also have accepted Hollers, Booyahs & Yeeeows!